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About Us

PT. Kenko Electric di dirikan sejak tahun 1960 menjadi perusahaan terdepan dibidang Distributor – Supplier Timbangan Digital Indonesia. Saat ini kami telah memiliki banyak cabang Distributor – Supplier Timbangan Digital di hampir kota-kota besar di Indonesia seperti: Medan, Lampung, Padang, Jakarta (Kantor Pusat), Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Jogja, Solo, Surabaya serta di Kalimantan dan Sulawesi.

PT. Kenko Electrik hanya memasarkan timbangan digital yang paling berkualitas dan bermutu tinggi, tahan lama serta bergaransi. Kami sangat mempedulikan kebutuhan konsumen akan perangkat-perangkat timbangan digital di Indonesia.


Kenko Electric Co. , Ltd. , established in January 1992 to handle business systems Kenko network . Electronic Kenko is a member of the Group Companies that handle sales and R & D of some Kenko flagship product in Indonesia , such as : scales , digital scales , barcode printers , barcode labels & cash register

We are committed to being a company that always does everything it can to help the success of our customers . Our strength is the ability of our technology has been successful in many areas , including our expertise in manufacturing practices were outstanding, and our many years of experience in the field of measurement ( measuring devices such as scales and digital scales ) . We have four main business areas : digital scales , barcode printers , barcode labels and cash register )

In addition , by combining digital scales with business between the barcode and the cash register machine we offer the ease of interconnection between one machine to machine in need laiinnya without additional devices , this allows you to perform a wide range of solutions for the products that you buy . In the future we intend to create more new business in the field of integrated IP solutions between digital scales with other electronic devices.